Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rubik's Cube Goes Spherical with Rubik 360

Remember the times when Rubik's cube became a worldwide mania?

I still recall preciously collecting each and every new puzzle professor Rubik invented since then: like his mesmerizing Magic, or the "easy" Rubik's Clock, among others.

Ah... the magic... how I miss playing around with it.

But now, it's time to dust off the collection, there's a new Rubik puzzle in town, and its called: The Rubik 360.

Professor Ernö Rubik is back with his latest invention (you can watch him here talking about the new puzzle) and this new Rubik 360 promisses to keep us occupied for some time - at least until he comes up with a new puzzle.

Check the video to see how it works:

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