Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Funambol - Backup and Recovery of your Phone Contacts

Lots of people use the holiday season as an excuse to upgrade or replace their cell phones. Maybe you're just tired of your old one; maybe you've just dropped it in a swimming pool while refreshing yourself..

Can you imagine that, losing all your cell phone contacts?

For many, they already have their contact synced with their computers, and will quickly transfer those contacts back into a new phone. But there are those who think that's too complicated.

So, I present you the easy to use Funambol which is ready to use on a considerable amount of devices
(including -but not limited to- the iPhone.) This service allows you to easily keep a synchronized contact list backup online; which you'll be able to recover should anything go wrong.

Unlike some other backup programs/services, it even stores your contact photos; and you can manage it all through your my.funambol.com account.

Funambol does lots more, as you'll be able to see in the following video (though I use it only for the contact backup thing.):

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