Friday, September 11, 2009

AMD Eyefinity - Multimonitor for the Masses?

If AMD is having a hard time keeping up with Intel in the CPU field, ATI on the other hand is keeping Nvidia well in check. And now AMD/ATI is about to introduce Eyefinity - which might be the very first step to bring multi-monitor systems to the masses.

Just like many gamers now have SLI/Crossfire setups in their computers, lots of them don't have a problem having several monitors. But, until now, multimonitor gaming isn't easy, monitors are treated as separate entities - but with AMD/ATI's Eyefinity you can now group a bunch of monitors as if it was a single one.

Considering how LCD prices increase with size, I'm sure there are a lot of people out there that would prefer spending the same amount of money in six 24" LCDs than in a single 30" monitor!
Though not everyone will have the space to do something like this:

(24 monitors  11,520 x 4,800 - 55.3 megapixels - 4 graphic cards)

And while the the bezel around the screen is kind of annoying, even that can be minimized if you opt to buy thin-bezel LCDs, like these ones from Samsung.

In one of the demos, a single card with a single GPU was able to run the GRID racing game in six 30" monitores, at 7680 x 3200 - which is s sign of things to come.

If you love wide-screen, high-resolution gaming... Eyefinity might be just what you were waiting for!

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