Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apple News

Yesterday was the day Apple presented us with some updates. And here it is:

iPod Nano 5G

The new iPod nano has some enhanced colors and... a video camera - among other things:

  • Video camera (640x480) - (though, no still photos!)
  • Integrated speaker and microphone
  • Voice recorder
  • 10% larger LCD (2.2")
  • Voice Over
  • FM radio!
  • YouTube upload (via computer)
  • Pedometer with online Nike+ sync
The 8GB now costs 139 euros, while the 16GB version costs 169 euros. (Who will buy the 8GB version when they can get twice the storage for just 30 euros more?)

The video camera can do some real-time effects on the video, such as black-and-white, "psycadelic" effects, and even an "x-ray vision" mode.

iPod Touch 

The iPod Touch, failed to do much of an impression - the most noticeable thing was the absence of a video camer (people were expecting it to have one - but it sounds like those rumors about hardware problems actually were right about it.)

Prices dropped (the 8GB model costs 189 euros) and there are larger capacity models with 32GB (279 eur) and 64GB (369 euros).

The hardware was updated, and it's nos 50% faster - making it an ideal pocket computer and portable game machine, and becoming the cheapest way to access the App Store and its millions of Apps. In fact, it looks like Apple is now looking to the game business as a really good way to push the iPod Touch, which now have OpenGL|ES v2.0 and offer the easiest way for gamers to get their games (App Store.)

New iTunes 9
I'm not a big fan of iTunes, but it does look like it's getting "less" annoying and offering some interesting features that might make me give it a second chance.
  • Facebook and Twitter integration
  • iTunes LP - the digital version of the old LP covers (and more.)
  • iPhone App management done right (at last!)
  • Home Sharing
  • Faster performance in Windows PCs

Also, don't forget to update your iPhone/iPod Touch to the latest OS 3.1 - so you can have full access to all those new features.
(Though, if you have an unlocked/jailbroken iPhone... you might want to wait a bit more to ensure you won't break anything :)

Some other annoucements: a new iPod shuffle, and the iPod classic now was 160Gb storage space; and that's about it.

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