Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Daily News

What news will Apple bring us today? Why does Microsoft keeps messing up? Did you notice what day is today? And how about a trip to Vegas to try out their new multitouch toy? That's what you can read about next...

Apple Event

Today, Apple will finally reveal its latest gadgets - and while everything is kept secret, rumors are buzzing around like crazy.
The most likely is that we'll be presented the new iPods (with integrated camera) and a new iTunes (as well as a new iPhone OS update).
The much awaited iTablet from Apple won't likely be show today. And the "rock and roll" motto has people wondering if it has anything to do with the arrival of the Beatles entire catalog to iTunes.

But... I hope they do have some nice surprise to keep us off balance. :)

Microsoft Messing Up

It's unbelievable Microsoft keeps messing up. For starters... some serious security flaws that allow a remote attacker to crash your system. This bug affects Vista/Windows 7/e Win2008 Server (XP is unaffected as it uses an older version SMB.)
But... how do they want us to upgrade from XP to a newer MS OS when these things pop up almost every single day?

Maybe that's why they're stance seems to be lying about the competition:

... though I'd advise them to make their own products better, so they wouldn't publicly look like this:

Highest Resolution Multitouch in the World

Like super-sized wide-screens? What if it turns out to be an interactive multitouch screen allowing up to six simultaneous users?

That's the latest piece of technology developed by Obscura Digital for the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, and it can handle hundreds of high resolution images and videos in a way that would make a "Surface" eat its heart out.

Just wach it:

Funny Date 09/09/09

In case you haven't noticed yet, today is 09/09/09 (a date we don't have to worry about being in either US/Euro format ;)
Maybe you did watch to see the time zip by at 09:09:09 on this 09/09/09... But don't worry too much, in case you've missed it you'll be able to catch it again next year at 10:10:10 on the 10/10/10 (and so on until 2012... then you'll have to wait another century or so :)

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