Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily News

How to vaporize 23 laptops, iPhones and iPods in half-a-minute; the world's most famous webpage is now patented; internet rendered games get closer; and much more...

Gone in 31 seconds

While most people carefully consider acquiring a new Macbook Pro, iPhone or iPod for several days (or even weeks) there are people that certainly have a faster (albeit illegal) way to do it. Check the following video to see how a group of thieves took 23 laptops, 14 iPhones and 9 iPods from an Apple Store in New Jersey.

Google gets webpage patent

It took them a while, but after five years Google managed to get a patent for its main search page.
I can't really say I'm fond about these kinds of patents - hey, let me page a blank page and claim royalties for it! - but... it's up to them.
I just hope they don't get to become some patent nazis likes some other companies out there - after all, it's all about the "do no evil" motto... right?

OnLive begins beta testing

Good news for all my american readers. Remember OnLive, that internet based game rendering that provides high quality graphics without requiring any of the high-end hardware?

Well, they're now accepting beta testers to begin real-world tryouts.

I believe this is the kind of technology that will make be running everything in the near future, from games to plain regular "computing". We'll just need a "dumb" efficient terminal, without power-hungry hardware, and everything will be stramed from those big servers out there.
(And stop worrying about upgrading our hardware to run the latest games :)

Keyboard with trackpad

If you hate having your hand jumping back and forth between mouse and keyboard, this is the keyboard you need:
The Adesso AKB-440 offers an integrated trackpad in the area you'd usually find your cursor keys. Sounds like a good option for me... Care to send me one for reviewing? :)

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