Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rolling Shutter Video Correction

If you're a video perfeccionist, you've probably seen what happens when you get video material captured with Rolling Shutter sensor camera. This usually happens in CMOS cameras, but can happen in any type of camera (even film cameras) that use a vertical sliding shutter.
(There are global shutter CMOS sensors, but those are usually used in professional applications.)

So, what's this problem? Just like the old interlaced CRT screens, this rolling shutter means the image is captured one line at a time, instead of being captured a full frame at once.
For static scenes this isn't a problem, but if you happen to be capturing moving subjects, it will introduce distortions (the faster they - or the camera - moves, the worse.)

It can lead to such abnormalities as these:

But now, thanks to the magic of digital video processing and this Rolling Shutter plugin for Adobe After Effects, you can fix most of it.

Nothing like a demo video to show you how everything works. :)

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