Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Microsoft Courier Tablet

I'd really like to see this happening. When half the world is anxiously waiting for the upcoming Apple Tablet, what if Microsoft secretly launched an amazing product like this Courier Tablet PC?

More than a simple "tablet", this Courier is more like a digital booklet, with two screens - and dual-mode touchscreens for stylus and touch input.

But, more important than the hardware itself, is the software and the interface that its users will use day in and day out... and from what we can see in the following video, they seem to have that covered (though it still looks a bit futuristic to me and not "production-ready" at this time.)

But, that's exactly what MS needs right now. Having lost its edge in the smartphone market with Apple's iPhone revolution, this Courier could be just the thing Microsoft needs to arm itself in the upcoming digital book/tablet war.

... and if they really wanted to make a differente... they'd  launch this "Courier OS" as an open-source platform (just like Google did with Android) and then I'd like to see some faces at Apple's camp! :)


  1. Is this a Tegra device?

  2. Your guess is as good as mine...
    But it would be safe to assume it would use any of the existing netbook-ish platforms we can find elsewhere: Atom/Ion/Tegra/etc.

  3. from what I have seen so far this device looks great. I'm not sure what Apple is working on, but they are going to have to do something fantastic to rival this.

  4. @Chris
    Well, Apple is known for launching "must-have" gadgets, and I expect their tablet to be one such thing.
    However, it's nice to see these kinds of things coming up from the competition to make things "even"... So that neither field feels comfortable and do nothing at all (just like Windows Mobile in the past decade.)


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