Thursday, September 24, 2009

LG DVD Bluebirds

One annoying surprise I had when assembling my new PC came from where I least expected it: the LG CD/DVD drive.

Little did I know that this unsuspecting GH22NS50 DVD-RW from LG was soon to become a little bugger!

Right from the start I began experiencing some weird Bluebirds content in that drive, whenever the drive was empty.

After some googling around, I found that this particular LG GH22NS50 model has some programs in its firmware, and it "mounts" that image whenever the drive is empty! Unbelievable!

Annoying, but easily fixable: you'll just need to update its firmware to a bluebird-less version!

And I hope that's the last of these experiments coming from LG or any other drive manufacturer.

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