Friday, September 25, 2009

Multicore 3D Animation

Now that multicore CPUs with 4 and 8 cores are getting popular (and 16 and 32 cores will soon follow) its time we start using it to its full potential.

Intel has been hard at work trying to improve gamers experience. Why should your multicore CPU spend most of its time idling when it could be put to good use improving the scenery (for example)?

That what you can see in these Intel Demos (with full source-code.)

For instance, if you try their Horses demo in a dual-core CPU, you might get 235 horses running around the plains.

But if you run it in an 8 core i7, you'll see nearly 600 horses running around.

And the same thing can be done with particle systems as shown in this "Smoke" demo:

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