Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SnapIt Screen Capture for Windows

It's surprising to see how modern Operating Systems often lack simple features that we often need, and that force us to do laborious boring and lengthy work to get it done.

Remember my SenderClipboard program that easily allows you to past a list of file names into a document?

Today I'll be talking about a similar program but for screen captures: SnapIt.

It's incredible how - after all these years - we're still missing a tool to easily manage screen captures in Windows. Sure you can press PrtSc at any time to grab a screenshot of your current screen. But effectively using it is an entirely different matter. Usually it involves something like: opening an image editing program (like MS Paint), pasting it there, saving it somewhere, closing the program, going to whatever other program you wanted to insert it to, and finally embed it or send it.

If you happen to need several different screenshots, the workload becomes increasingly complicated, repeating most of these steps over and over again.

With a small program like SnapIt, this task is immensely simplified.
After installing it you'll get a new icon on your system tray.

After that you can adjust it to your needs, selecting the hotkey you want to use, if you want to save it to files, etc.

This allows you to easily capture a sequence of screen grabs just by repeatedly pressing PrtSc (or any other hotkey of your choosing) and then simply grabbing the resulting image files.

While it isn't free, you're free to try it for 14 days before making your own decision.

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