Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Send Filenames to Clipboard - SenderClipboard

It amazing how simple things can end up being so complicated.

So; you're talking to a friend on messenger and he asks you to send him alist of your MP3's.
You immediately go to your music folder and... and... and now what?
Who you can easily send him a list of files short of capturing the screen with PrtSc and send him an image?

DOS timers will still be able to pull it out by running command line, navigating to the right folder and DIR > mp3list.txt but that isn't practical to do everytime you need it.

Shouldn't Windows have a better way to do this?

Well, probably there's a freeware somewhere that does this, but after searching for it on Google - and having found nothing like I wanted - I decided to put my coder skills to use and do it myself.
And so it was born: SenderClipboard.exe (176Kb unzipped)

Basically, this small program allows you to select any number of files and/or folders and create a list of its names on the clipboard, ready to be pasted somewhere else.

I though of implementing lots of advanced features, but for that you can use programs like Karen's Directory Printer - this one was kept simple: it does the basic stuff, and nothing else.

Its done in C#, so be sure you have .Net Framework installed (don't worry, your PC probably has it already even if you don't know what it is.)

How to use it:

Well, this might scare you a bit, but instalation isn't that hard. You just need to extract the .exe file into your "Send To" folder next to your Start menu.
(Right click on your start button, choose explore, and look for the right folder)

From now on you should get it as an option on your right mouse button context menu. Just choose a bunch of files in explorer, right click over it and select "Send To" SenderClipboard.

Now you just need to Paste into a text area (like notepad or Word) and you'll see the file list in text format.

(Folder names appear enclosed in "[]" square brackets)

As always, I make no guarantees about it, use it at your own risk. Don't blame me if this program causes the Universe to implode, formats the entire Internet, or something worse...

Hope someone finds it as useful as I did.


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