Thursday, November 5, 2009

CrunchPad Nowhere to be Seen

Remember CrunchPad? It was promissed to be launched soon, but until now... nothing.

Rumors say it has something to do with the manufacturing costs - it was initially set to cost $200... then it went up to $300, and some even said it had to cost $400 at least.

While we're all still waiting for official comments, some also say they're simply waiting for Google's ChromeOS to be ready - and although that would be a match made in heaven,  I'm not sure if that's really it.

As matter of fact, I'd like to propose a new rumor: maybe they're just waiting for Apple to announce the fabled iTablet, and the steal all the thunder by announcing the CrunchPad at 1/5th the price!

That I would really like to see! :)

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