Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Google News

Image Search with Google Image Swirl

Searching for images is becoming increasingly easy with these new features Google offers us from time to time. Now, they've introduced Google Image Swirl.

Stacking similar images that you can then easily navigate through, this new lab feature is certainly attractive.
This Image Swirl is an evolution of the similar image feature that also began as a Labs experiment and later graduated to "full feature."

Google Phone about to arrive?

Remember all the buzz surrounding the mythical Google Phone? It all quiet down when it was announced it was really a platform (Android) and that there were to be lots of different phones using it.
But now it all seems to be back. You might actually get a Google Phone, which would be a "high-end" super-Android phone made by HTC (or other manufacturer) according to Google Specs.

Considering MS has been pressuring manufacturers to keep having "appealing" phone models in exclusive "Windows Mobile-only" I think it's only fair for Google to do the same and offer us a mouth-watering device combining great looks with even greatest hardware!

Chrome OS details tomorrow!

We'll finally be able to know more about Google's Chrome OS tomorrow.

We're promissed a full Chrome OS overview that will keep us salivating till next year, when its finally launched.

(Hope they do let us use some beta version before that. :)

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