Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Droid Autofocus Bug Found

Imagine your Android "Droid" phone can't shoot straight, with all your photos resulting in not-that-artistic out of focus ness. Now imagine that sometimes it does that consistently, but after a few weeks it's back to normal... and again busted after some more weeks.

That's exactly what's been plaguing the Motorola Droid.

But now the real reason for that was found. It's a rounding bug that messes with the auto-focus system, and makes it work fine (or not) in a 24.5 day cycle! So... just pray you're in a "good month" if you have to take some photos before they fix it for good.

(Well, let's not forget the iPhone had a bug that caused some odd-sized panoramic photos to crash the photo browser and camera, and that was fixed only recently.)

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