Sunday, November 29, 2009

Memory Card Backups to Portable Disk

Now that we're approaching a new Christmas season and a new New Year, it's time for people to use their digital cameras even more intensively.

That's why we once again have to deal with memory cards and - worst of all - memory cards filled with irreplaceable photos.
So, how do you manage your photos? Do you buy extra memory cards to handle all the shots? Do you carry a laptop around to manage it all?

If none of that works for you: how about acquiring a small portable device that can automatically copy your memory card contents to its internal hard disk?

A device like this Ex-Pro P2S Sata "Picture 2 Drive" allows you to transfer all your photos to its internal 2.5" Sata disk. No more nuying expensive large capacity memory cards, nor carrying your precious laptop around with you at all times.

It handles pretty much every type of memory card out there: Memory Stick (MS) ,MS Duo, MS MagicGate, MS Magic Gate Duo ,MS-ROM, Memory Stick Pro (MS Pro) ,MS Pro Duo, xD Picture Cards (XD).MMC II ,RS MMC, Secure Digital (SD), Secure Digital SDHC (All Cards), miniSD, CF Compact Flash, Microdrive. (E pode ser usado também como USB Card Reader.)

And best of all, it has a very attractive price: on Amazon you can find it for about 40 Euros (device only) or 80 euros with a 250GB hard drive included.

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  1. Well its good infromative post!Whenever i see a post like this i feel so good that there are some people who thought of helping others.Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us as i was not aware of this information.


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