Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Even if they have yet to achieve their $100 goal for the current OLPC computer, Nicholas Negroponte is already planning ahead for a future tablet OLPC, the XO-3.

Instead of using a keyboard, this will be a pure Tablet based computer focusing on nothing but the screen.

One of things I particularly like to see mentioned, is that this device would be hermetically sealed, making it dust/dirt/water-proof. That's one thing I think most manufacturers are currently forgetting. Sure I can have an iPhone... But if I happen to be on the street, with rain pouring down, you can bet I won't take it out unless I feel it's "safe".
With mobile devices, we sure need to be able to use them in circumstances. And I like that about this XO-3.

Moving on, this OLCP would have a target price of $75.

Of course, none of this is real for the moment, and if you were to build such a device... it would certainly cost a lot more than $75. But, we often need "science-fiction" to lead the way and show manufacturers what type of devices we want for the next couple of years.

Let's just hope that by 2012, we can indeed have such a device. And this time... let's hope they can actually build it for the estimated $75 price.

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