Thursday, December 24, 2009

Notion Ink Tablet

This sure would be a great Christmas present - but unfortunately is scheduled to show up in January.
This Smart Pad from Notion Ink has a very interesting spec list; the most important one being the fact it uses one of those multi-mode miraculous displays from pixel Qi.

But, as the screen alone is not enough, this smartpad relies on a powerful nVidia TEGRA to run thing smoothly, and has all the assortment of extras you'd expect on such a device: accelerometers, proximity and light sensors, water sensores (an water proof tablet, that would be too much! :), digital compass, GPS, WiFi, bluetooth, 3mp camera, HD video and Flash hardware acceleration, and more.

Thanks to the Tegra chip and the Pixel Qi display, battery life goes through the roof: 48h in standby, 8h playing Full HD video, 16h browsing the net through WiFi.

Now we just have to wait and see how much this incredible tabler will cost.

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