Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Google stops operating in China

The big news today is: Google has ceased to operate in China.

Behind this decision, that many are assuming to be an anti-censorship milestone (I remind you was forced to filter out content deemed "inappropriate" by the Chinese government; for which Google was heavily criticized) there are a lot of worrying issues: Google claims there have been a high number of cyber attacks to its infrastructure, theft of important source code, and worst of all - that several user accounts have been systematically violated. Accounts of Chinese human rights activists.

In the stock market, the results were immediate, showing this isn't a "cheap" decision for Google.

However, this a major opportunity to force China to review their "Great Firewall of China" and this can very well be a day to remember.

Have you imagined if this is the first step that will make China change its stance to the world? That would certainly give an all new meaning to "the Internet changed the world"!

P.S. - And, probably thanks to this, Gmail now has https secure access enabled by default.

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