Friday, February 26, 2010

DIPLOMA: Augmented Reality Rail Shooter

One more example of what's to come. This DIPLOMA project uses augmented reality and a Nintendo Wiimote to provide a truly immersive game experience.

Nothing like watching the video to see how it works:

DIPLOMA : Immersive Rail Shooter from David Arenou on Vimeo.

In a realted note, I had the opportunity to play around a bit with a 3D camera, with the same kind of technology that will be used by Microsoft's Project Natal. That thing is simply... AMAZING!
I'll be writing a more detailed review in the following days, but I'm now sure this will really be a big revolution (at least, technology-wise: these 3D cameras cost well over $8000, and MS's Natal is expected to be sold under $100... I just hope it will be "open enough" for us to use in our projects, kind of like what is done with the Wiimote. :)

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