Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gmail with Search Autocomplete, Vacations and custom Label colors

It won't be nothing new for all those already using these features from the Gmail Labs section, but now they have graduated to the official Gmail:
  1. Search Autocomplete
    - searching is now easier than ever...
  2. Go To Label
    - pressing "g" and "l" for the keyboard shortcut aficionados  will take them to a "label:" seach.
  3. Forgotten Attachment Detector
    - no more embarrassing emails with no attachments
  4. YouTube Previews
    - no need to jump to another page to watch a YouTube video
  5. Custom Label Colors
    - at last... you can break free from Gmail labels preset color schemes.
  6. Vacation Dates
    - Holidays without email worries...

All quite useful - hence their graduation to Gmail... :)

On the other hand, five other Gmail Labs features of "not so much interest" have been removed:
  1. Muzzle
  2. Fixed Width Font
  3. Email Addict
  4. Location in Signature
  5. Random Signature

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