Friday, March 12, 2010

Dell Streak Android Mini Tablet

Dell's Android mini tablet has a name, and it's called: Dell Streak.

Formerly known as Dell Mini 5, it has a Snapdragon CPU, 5" touchscreen with 800x480 resolution, 5Mp autofocus camera (with flash) in the back, a front looking VGA camera, touch sensitive buttons, and a 30 pin dock connector for expansion.

Dell is also planning a partnership with Amazon, so you can count on eBooks, music and videos, easily accessible from that source.

I think the critical aspect for the success or failure of this mini-tablet will be the interface they'll add on top of the base Android. It really must be something that will appeal to customers and make us want to own one, or else...


  1. It results in a brighter display that offers better color reproduction, is thinner and lighter, and draws less power.

  2. Dell androids are really a mainstream. I really appreciate these tablets as the specs are too good.


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