Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogger gets Template Designer

Looks like Google is finally taking its Blogger blogging platform seriously.

After years without any relevant updates, and some major flaws that were slowly addressed and fixed, Blogger gets - out of the blue - one feature that may very well turn it into an instant favorites for most blogger: an easy-to-use interactive blog template designer!

Editing a blog template was never an easy thing to do, with most bloggers simply opting to choose a pre-made template and forget about it.
Though, it's just a matter of time until they realize they would probably like one extra column or sidebar, or simply changing the colors of some elements - tough they lack the skills to do it, and therefore keep delaying it for as long as possible.

With this template designer Blogger takes the lead in easy customization of any template. Even a new found blogger will be able to click through all the available options and adjust the template to his/her liking.

Thanks Google and Blogger team! That this might be but the first of a long series of improvements that will make Blogger even better in the coming months.

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