Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad is Here at Last

Once the World's best kept secret, the iPad is finally out.

As you would expect iFixIt didn't wait long to completely dissemble the iPad and show its secrets: it doesn't have a surprise hidden camera (frack!) and it has just 256MB Ram, the same as the iPhone 3GS (half what a Nexus One has):

You can also see its much larger battery, offering about 5x more power than the iPhone's. This might also cause some issues when charging the iPad on older "low power" USB ports.

The iPad launch was better than anticipated, with 600-700 thousand iPads sold on the first day.

Even Steve Jobs couldn't miss the opportunity to see it in person:

As you would expect, the first reviews confirm it: the iPad is a small wonder offering an unbeatable "tablet" experience.

As for the Apps, Scrabble is a perfect App that shows how much the iPad (and other tablets) can change our lives in the future:

Board games will never be the same... Just imagine how a "Magic the Gathering" could work using this same system! :)

Marvel hasn't missed a beat either, and shows us how comic books are bound to become:

However, as one might expect, most people are standing by iPad's free Apps. Considering the higher App prices for the iPad it comes as no surprise. It's easier to convince someone to pay $500 for a tablet than $100 for an App.
Even more ridiculous, some content providers prove to be completely insane, charging $5 a week and saying it's justified because they offer:
Unique interactivity including landscape and portrait mode, scroll navigation and customizable font size
Are these people for real!?!

One thing's for sure, with higher prices more and more people will be tempted to jailbreak their iPad. Let's hope they realize lower prices (or should I say: fair!) will benefit everyone, and do it before it's too late.

Of course, the closed App Store market is still highly criticed by some while others prefer to see it differently... But this is something each one will have to decide and stand by themselves.

In a perfect world, content would all be web-based, and iPad optimized sites are already popping up.

Even Google now has iPad optimized services:

And last, but not least... if you're planning on dropping your iPad or use it for baseball practice... don't:

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