Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Delete Emails in iOS4 on the iPhone

One of the least expected surprises when you update your iPhone to the new iOS4 is: how can you delete emails in iOS4?

The usual swipe to delete gesture now pops up a "archive" button, and even if you press the trashcan icon when reading an email it actually gets archived and not deleted (can't imagine what those guys at Cupertino were thinking when they implemented it this way!)

Well, thankfully you can revert this gesture back to its more logical action and make swipe delete emails again.

You need to go into Settings->Email, select the affected email account, and simply turn off the archive messages option:

It's not really a secret, but most people might actually find it hard to find an option you have to turn off in order to work right. From now on you can safely delete email messages, knowing they'll be thrown in the trash and not archived next to your more important emails.

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