Friday, June 11, 2010

PixelQi Displays

Looks like PixelQi multimode LCDs are finally near completion, if we are to believe the sheer volume of announcements and demos shown everywhere.

If you come by regularly you'll already know I have high hopes for these "miraculous" LCDs that offer the best in LCD technology, but add that extra little bit, allowing to work flawlessly outdoors even when facing the Sun (and being more efficient and power saving than ever.)

This latest batch shows how PixelQi display has evolved since the first demo units, providing a much wider viewing angle and touchscreens.

Can't wait for the first tablets with these displays to come out!


  1. You should take a look at the Adam Tablet.
    They're using Pixel-Qi display and they expect to hit the market within the next months.

  2. Yeah, no need to remind me, it's one of tablets I'm most eager to put my hands on! :)


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