Friday, July 2, 2010

Apple Addresses iPhone 4 Antenna Issues

Apple has finally given an official statement regarding the public uproar regarding the iPhone 4 reception issues.

The official answer is that... it's all due to software bug causing bad signal strength indication in the iPhones, with the iPhone 4 showing two more signal bars than it should.

They also remind everyone that lots of reports state the iPhone 4 can now make calls in places the previous models couldn't - I have verified this personally: making calls in a place where people could barely understand me while using my old 3GS, they can now hear me clearly with the iPhone 4.

Sure, touching the antenna will always affect the signal strength a bit, but in my own tests, I found you had to really "want" to cause the problem: and then it mostly affects the upload data rate and not the downloads. (And that will only a "real" problem in places with low strength cell coverage - most likely in places where you wouldn't even be able to use the previous iPhones altogether.)

An update is promissed in the coming weeks - let's see if that's enough to calm everyone down a little bit...

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