Saturday, July 3, 2010

Android 3.0 - Gingerbread

While most people are still waiting for Android 2.2 to arrive to their devices (only recently it got pushed to Google's own Nexus One devices) we are already hearing some details about the upcoming Android version: Android 3.0 Gingerbread.

  • Minimum hardware specs for Android 3.0:
    1Ghz CPU, 512MB Ram, 3.5" screens
  • Support for 1280x760 resolution (on 4"+ displays)
  • Revamped User interface, based on what you can see in Nexus One Gallery App
  • Branching out: 3.0 for high-end devices; 2.1/2.2 for lower cost mass market devices
Android 3.0 is scheduled to come out in mid-October, with the first devices coming out in November/December - in time for the holiday season.

Another great news is that, due to its new interface, Google seems to be pushing for a more consistent look across the board, and ditching all those branded interfaces (like HTC sense, Motorola MotoBlur, etc.) which - IMHO - are not that great and mostly serve to confuse consumers as to why some Android devices look so different from eachother.

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