Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple to Address iPhone 4 Antenna Issues Tomorrow

Looks like iPhone 4 antenna issues are here to stay, and some even go as far as calculating the costs for a total iPhone 4 recall: 1.5 billion dolars.
And considering the iPhone 4 selling rates this figure would go up $200 millions per week.

The only sure thing is that all the buzz has forced Apple to do something unheard of: they've announced a special Press Conference for tomorrow regarding the iPhone 4.

Don't expect any revolutionary statements; most likely they'll just announce the same thing they've already said before: that the iPhone 4 has top-of-the-class reception (and it does), and that all phones have attenuation problems (true; though it iPhone's case it's severely affected by touching in that critical "hotspot".)

Of course, they'll also dare anyone to turn-in their iPhones if not satisfied (I wonder how many did since they've first announced it.)

Anyway, Consumer Reports  has also verified that using a bumper case makes the "problem" go away.

As for the iOS4.1 update... as expected it only offers cosmetic changes in the bar strength display doing nothing for the real issue, and I find it laughable that they've even went as far as resizing the bars claiming its "easier to see". (Before long, we'll have 5 "full bars, no?)

Even Microsoft is calling the iPhone 4 Apple's Vista (which I don't think it's too bad... It would have been a lot worse if they called it Apple's "Windows Me"! ;P)

Personally, I still think this all issue has been blown out of proportion; but let's wait and see what Apple has to say about this tomorrow.

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