Friday, October 15, 2010

Nokia N8 as a Portable "Desktop" Computer

Ever wished to use your smartphone as a desktop computer replacement? We're getting there; in fact, you can do it today, if you happen to have a Nokia N8.

Unlike other devices where the video output needs special apps or works only in a few select modes, the N8 outputs its screen via HDMI. Meaning, you can simply connect it to a HDMI monitor, pair a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, and it's done!
(Sure, you'll have to settle with an upscaled 640×360 resolution, doubled to 1280x720 "HD").

Just like their "pre-Tablet craze" MIDs like the N770, I think Nokia is once again ahead of its time. You can bet this type of stuff will become increasingly normal in the upcoming years; but my guess is: it's still too soon.

Nevertheless, kudos to Nokia for enabling us to do this kind of stuff... today!

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