Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Transform your Radeon HD6950 into a 6970

If you have an AMD Radeon HD6950 graphic card, you're now entitled to a completely free and unexpected surprise. What if I told you that you have, in fact, a soon-to-become Radeon HD 6970?

Indeed it's true: you can actually transform your Radeon HD 6950 into a fully fledged Radeon HD 6970.

It's no secret that manufacturers often use the same chips to create more affordable models at the desired price ranges. Usually that means capping/limiting the hardware so it performs slightly worse than it actually is capable of.

But fortunately, in the case of the AMD Radeon HD6950, the capping was done purely via software; meaning you're jsut a BIOS flash away from unlocking your Radeon's true potential! :)

As always, with anything relating to formware flashing, you're on your own should anything go awfully wrong (though, it shouldn't be that scary, as you even have a recovery mode to flash your backup firmware back into your graphic card...)

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