Saturday, January 8, 2011

Car Trip OBD-II Interface for iPhone and Android

Griffin is looking for a way into your car, and their Car Trip OBD-II Bluetooth Interface might be just what you were looking for to keep a track of all the diagnostics you'll ever need in your iPhone or Android smartphone.

This compact OBD-II module sends all the data via Bluetooth to your smarpthone, where you can use a free App - CleanDrive - to make sense out of it.

The CarTrip module also has a SD card slot, so it can keep track of your data even when a smarpthone is not around; and has a power saving sleep mode when not in use, so your car battery won't die out on you.

It can be yours for just $89.99 - which, considering the rising prices of fuel, is not that expensive if it helps get better mileage by keeping your car running at 100%.

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