Sunday, January 9, 2011

iPad 2 coming in February?

Kevin Rose (Digg's founder) says he has credible info that Apple will announce the iPad 2 in the next few weeks, possibly in the beginning of February.

Well, iPad 2 cases are popping up everywhere, and they all "match" which seems to indicate the iPad 2 is really close to completion. And some say Apple needs to start creating momentum for its launch, which might also happen sooner than expected.

As for what the iPad 2 will have: you can count on a new speedier CPU, more RAM memory, gyroscope, and its LCD screen should also get increased resolution mimicking the iPhone 4 retina display.

Whether it will actualy be a "Retina Display" or just a small resolution increase remains to be seen.Doubling the current iPad's resolution would be a monumental task, taking its current 9.7" LCD screen fom 1024x768 to a "hard-to-believe" 2048x1536!

But, if Apple settles for an intermediate resolution, then developers will have to handle yet this new screen format - unless Apple comes up with a way to create truly resolution independent Apps.

You might also find a microUSB port, for charging, as dictated by the latest EU regulations, and the last mystery will be the price.

Will they keep the "old" iPad around, at reduced prices? Will they sell the new iPad at even cheaper prices that might blow the competitors out of the water?
We've seen that other manufacturers have been having trouble creating affordable Tablets that can compete with the iPad... Let's see if the iPad 2 will make it even harder.

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