Monday, January 31, 2011

Dollar ReDe$ign Project

Tired of looking at the same old dollar bills? What if currency could be rejuvenated and made a bit more modern - although not forgetting the American heritage?

That's the goal of the Dollar ReDe$ign Project.

The Dowling | Duncan winning proposition shows us new dollar bills with a vertical design (we actually do handle bills in vertical mode more than horizontally), each note has the same width but varies height according to its value and has its own distinctive color.

Also, each note motif is closely related to its actual value:

  • $1 - Obama, the 1st Afro-american President
  • $5 - The 5 biggest native american Tribes
  • $10 - The 10 first amendments of the USA Bill of Rights
  • $20 - 20th century events in the USA
  • $50 - the 50 states (although they're actually more...)
  • $100 - the first 100 days of Franklin Roosevelt, to which every new President achievements are now compared.

A nice approach... but which will never see the light of day (highly unlikely).

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