Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Far Back in Time Can We See [NASA]

Everyone knows that when you look at the night sky, you're actually seeing light that has been traveling the Universe for millions of years...
In fact, even our own Sun light takes about 8 minutes to reach us. If the Sun were to went dark by any reason, we'd only notice it 8 minutes later.

So, when you look into space using a telescope, you're actually looking back in time, and the farther away you look, the closer you get to seeing beginning of time and space: the Big Bang!

NASA shows us just how far back we can look.

Using a ground-based telescope, we can only reach a tiny bit, about 6 billion years after Big Bang.

By rising above the cloud, the Hubble space telescope was able to look much deeper than ever before, seeing up to 1.5 billion years after Big Bang. And with the Ultra Deep Field upgrades it received over the years, its power increased dramatically allowing us to now see events happening just 480 million years after Big Bang, and giving us a much clearer picture of the Universe we're in.

When the James Webb space telescope begins operations, NASA believes we'll be able to see even further, up to 200 million years after Big Bang! And with the ever evolving technolgy, who knows?... Maybe we'll even be able to see the actual Big Bang itself a few decades from now.. :)

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