Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Power Balance - Is it a Scam?

I guess you can now stop worrying about Power Balance wristbands being a scam or not.

In fact, the actual brand was forced to clarify their claims and admit there is no scientific evidence that the wristbands provide what they used to claim.

Yes, they admit to misleading conduct, and hopefully that will help finally put to rest that these (and similar) power balance wristbands are indeed nothing but a scam.

I sincerely hope most of their customers ask for a refund - so they learn not to trick people into this sort of stuff. (Though I also think anyone believing such claims and paying for it would also deserve to learn this... by not having their money refunded!)


  1. Hmm, notice an amazing similarity to the Placebo Band? Which is marketed as a do-nothing cure to whatever ails you :) Maybe Power Balance should just re-brand? LOL (http://spydergrrl.blogspot.com/2010/11/magical-cure-to-everything-placebo-band.html)


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