Monday, January 3, 2011

Emotional Satnav Driver Assistant

It's no secret a lot of nice people change completely when they sit behind a driver's wheel. Even the most calm driver can quickly become a furious almost manic-like monster when facing adverse road conditions and other crazy drivers.

That's exactly why Prof. Peter Robinson from Cambridge Univeristy decided to develop a emotion sensing satnav system that can act like an anti-road rage assistant.

By recognizing face expressions and the tone of the drivers voice, this system - currently in the form of a robotic head - can try to minimize the hungriness of the driver.
The system can correctly identify the driver's emotion 70% of the time, and in the future might also be able to interact with other car systems, allowing for the volume radio to be turned down, while minimizing repeated instructions - for those moments when "anything" can become annoying to the drivers.

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