Sunday, January 2, 2011

Intel SSD 310 mSATA

The future of local storage is coming... fast. After the SSD modules used by Apple in their new MacBook Air models, here are the new Intel SSD 310. SSD drive modules that ditch the traditional and bulky enclosures (not needed any longer), and use a single PCIe-like connector which is, in fact, a micro SATA connector (mSATA).

This means that, before you know it, your "hard drive" will be pluggable just like a RAM memory module.
Lenovo has already show interest in using these SSD 310 modules - and while they'll only be available to OEMs at the moment; you can expect it to become commonly available in the near future, as board and computer start using this mSATA connectors.

These SSD Intel 310 will cost $99 and $179 (40/80GB) per 1000 units, with performance similar to the current equivalent Intel X25 drives.


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