Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to Capture Screenshots in LG Smartphones

While it is incredibly easy to capture screenshots of the screen on an iPhone and even Samsung Bada devices (just press the menu button and the lock/sleep button at the same time), things are not quite as easy on other devices.

For example, for LG smartphones like the LG KF750 Secret, capturing a screenshot requires accessing a secret menu.

You need to enter this secret functions menu by entering the following code:


Then, you need to proceed to the Capture Mode function and enable it.

From then on you can easily capture screenshots by pressing the Volume Up button!

Keep in mind that, while you have this mode enabled, every press in this button will take a screeshot. So, be sure to disable it as soon as you're done, in order to get your LG back to regular operation mode.

[via: LG Phones]

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