Friday, March 18, 2011

Better Blogger for 2011

It's no secret I've always been a Blogger/Blogspot fan. Ever since the idea of creating a blog crossed my mind, I instantly knew Blogger would be "the one" for me.

Sure, it is not perfect. Sure, it lacks several things. Sure, it has its own quirks, and the dev team sometimes seems to be "out of their heads" and add/remove features that completely drive me (and lots others) crazy.
But, just like in any other relantionship, things have ups and downs - and I wouldn't trade blogger for any other blogging platform in the world (which might not sound much to you; but considering I indeed already had some offers to switch... it means a lot to me.)

But finally, Google seems to be devoting Blogger the attention it really deserves, and 2011 is a  year that will present us a completely new and impoved blogger interface!

It was about time! Here's to blogger and the amazing team behind it!

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