Thursday, March 17, 2011

iPad Shares iPhone GPS

Looks like the new hotspot WiFi sharing feature of iOS 4.3 on the iPhone 4 comes with a much appreciated secret feature when used together with your WiFi iPad.
As you're probably aware, only the iPad 3G models come equipped with a true GPS receiver. The WiFi models can only determin their position via geolocated WiFi hotspots, or IP geolocation.

But... if you happen to have an iPhone 4 and use the hotspot feature to share your internet connection with your iPad, your WiFi iPad magically becomes GPS aware!

Better still, this feature works for bothe the iPad 2 as well as the original iPad, and it certainly will help lots of people make up their mind regarding which iPad model to get - particularly all those people already having an iPhone 4.

Now... how long do you think it will take for someone to reverse engineer this, in order to make the GPS location work with Android devices serving as WiFi hotspots?

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