Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Fix Chrome Sluggish Performance

I have already said previsouly, I was quite disappointed with the performance of the latest Chrome versions.

Google announced an ever faster and better browser, but my experience with it was getting worser and worser.

As I complained to a couple of friends, I soon discovered they were not experiencing the same problems. Whenever I was opening a new page in a new tab, all the other tabs slowed to a crawl. I couldn't even scroll the new page as it was loading - making me believe we were back in the "dark ages" where browsers needed to completely render the page before allowing interaction.
My Chrome was slow and unusable whenever a page was loading.

I couldn't take it anymore, and so I started looking for what could be causing it...

I started by disabling all the extensions I had installed, and immediately Chrome was as snappy as ever!
Now, the real detective work could begin... I enabled each extension, one at a time, by itself... until I finally caught the one causing the weird delays: it was AdBlock!

An extension I so fondly appreciate was the one giving so much headaches!
After browing for a while I came across a recomendation to try out AdBlock Plus instead, and indeed it worked as just well as AdBlock... but without any page-loading delays.

If you're experiencing erratic delays in Chrome and you're using AdBlock, be sure to try this one instead... as you'll probably find your browser to be a lot faster than you're used to!

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