Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updated Google Chrome

You've probably already noticed your Google Chrome browser updated itself in the past couple of days. This new 10.x version is supposed to be the faster ever - but at least for me, it still hasn't improved responsiveness to the point it was in the pre-8.x versions.

The problem is: it may indeed be faster. But whenever I open a couple of tabs, each with its own webpage, other tabs - like Google reader, or Gmail, for instance - become completely unusable and crawling to an halt.

It is really very annoying, particularly as it makes the browsing experience in a 12GB octa-core system similar to what you get on smartphone!

(Update: just found the culprit, it was the AdBlock extension for Chrome, disabling it solved the problem. I've switched to AdBlock Plus and didn't notice any annoying delays ever since... So, it wasn't really Chrome's fault.)

... Other than that "inconvenience" you now get sandboxed Flash content.

And Chrome's setting have been completely revamped, and allowing you to send a URL to the settings page (useful when you're instructing someone remotely to tweak something).

And besides the usual favorites, and history syncing between Chromes in different computers, you can now also sync settings, plugins, and passwords as well.

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