Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sony PSN User Data Stolen

What a big mess... If you we're annoyed by the PlayStation Network being down the last few days, you're bound to become a lot worse when you find out all your user account data is now compromised and most likely in the hands of criminals.

Sony finally came public and told us why the PSN was down. And the news are not good: the attackers were able to get their hands on user account data for 77 million users.

Names, addresses, login and password, security question answers, birthdates, and even possibly their credit card info.

Sony is advising everyone to be extra vigilant for suspicious activity - though what they should actually do would be to come forth and assume responsibility for anything that may derive from this major security breach!

After this incident, I guess lots of users will think twice before trusting Sony with their private information... (And it should serve as a warning for any other service holding user info - it is a great responsibility, and you should better do the best you can to keep it safe, and be ready to take the consequences if you don't/can't.)

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