Friday, April 15, 2011

We Need a WiFi Kinect!

This Kinect controlled armchair was used as nothing but a simple proof-of-concept of the upcoming Kinect for Windows SDK that will allow anyone to use it in their projects in a very simple way.

Since the very beginning that I've been telling that the Kinect has a huge potential for home automation, and instead of having pseudo-smart surveillance cameras that serve only for "surveillance", wouldn't it be much better if we could use it to really make our lives easier?
While doing visual analysis is tricky (low light, low contrast situation) and could prove to be more problematic than useful, with the Kinect most of those error prone situations are completely gone.

The only thing that's missing for Kinect to become an even greater success is for Microsoft to launch a Wireless Kinect with WiFi, or even using wired Ethernet - and I can promise you it its use would skyrocket for home automation use.

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