Wednesday, May 11, 2011

100 Terabit/s Optic Fiber Speed Record

I still remember when I was dreaming about one daybeing able to access the internet via a blazingly fast ISDN/RDIS 64Kbits, instead of the lowly 9,600 baud modem I had - and now I have a 20Mbits plus connection at home, and I could even have a 100Mbit one, should I be willing to pay for it.

With the optic fiber networks arriving at home (FTTH - Fiber to the Home), even greater speeds become possible... But at the same time, researchers are also pushing network speeds to the limit for the next generation of data travel, achieving speeds of over 100 Terabits/sec!

And don't think they were just pushing photons from one side of the room to the other. This test used over 100 miles of fiber, and show us a glimpse of the future, where every household and every device is connected via these ultra-fast networks.

Who will need to have DVDs/Bluerays or even Terabytes of local storage at home, when you can instantly transfer them from "wherever"? The possibilities are endless...

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