Thursday, May 5, 2011

Panasonic Augmented Reality TV Setup

If you can't quite figure out how a new large-screen LCD will look when you bring it home, Panasonic can now offer an helping hand to see how one of their Viera models will look like in your own home - provided you have an iPhone.

Using this free AR Setup Simulator App, you'll be able to actually see how each Panasonic Viera model will look like in your own home thanks to the "magic" of Augmented Reality.

You just need to print out a AR marker and place it where you would place the actual LCD screen, and when you look at it through your iPhone screen, running Panasonic's App... you'll see it just like it's actually there.

Just keep in mind that even in real TV sets, dimensions are truly deceiving. A large 50" or 60" set might look huge the first couple of days; but give it a couple of weeks and you'll soon begin thinking: "Maybe that bigger model wouldn't have been so bad after all..." ;)

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