Thursday, June 2, 2011

HDR Video on the iPhone with Flare

When the iOS 4.1 arrived, one of the most visible features was the HDR (High-Dynamic Range) mode in the camera App. This system allows the iPhone to take several shots using different exposure settings, in order to grab as much detail as possible in over-exposer and under-exposed areas of the image, and combine the results into a better looking high-detail image.

Sure, it didn't take long for people to adapt the same concept to HDR video, but now it's time to do it using nothing but an iPhone thanks to this App: Flare.

I don't think this is actually a real HDR video, but more of a color changing effect, as I didn't find a video that actually showed more detail in under/over-exposed areas.

Nonetheless, the App might prove useful, as it allows you to adjust the exposure setting independently from the focus area, which by itself will be worth its price for some.

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