Thursday, June 9, 2011

How to Install iOS5 Today

Lots of users won't be willing to wait until Fall to see iOS 5 by themselves. So, if you want to check out how iOS5 looks like and feels like in your own iPhone or iPad, here's how to install iOS5today.

As always, be sure you know what you're doing - this is beta software and non-approved methods; so if anything goes wrong, you're on your own.

  1. Download the iOS 5 IPSW file from the web (it's easy and readily available. Just Google it and torrent it down).
  2. Update your iPhone using iTunes. To do this, connect your iPhone to your computer, click on the Check for Update button with the Option (Mac) or Shift (PC) key pressed. Select the iOS 5 IPSW file from the place you downloaded it to.
  3. Wait until it upgrades. A new activation screen will appear.

Then onwards to Activate iOS 5 via a backdoor:

  1. Triple click the home button. This will activate the Voice Over.
  2. Triple click the home button and Emergency Call will appear.
  3. Click on Emergency Call and, while it's switching, swipe with your three fingers down.
  4. The Notification Center will appear!
  5. Click on the Weather widget. The Weather app will load.
  6. Click on the home button to exit to the iPhone's springboard.

At least, is seems like iOS5 is running fine even in the 3GS - though we'll still have to figure out which things will be left out of it - for now, no image editing and some other stuff; which might be just because its a beta version.)

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