Monday, June 20, 2011

ICANN Aproves New TLDs

The internet as we know it is abou to change. ICANN has approved the creation of new TLDs. Top Level domains are last suffix you find in internet addresses: the popular .com / .net /.org and so on.
So, instead of just the current ones we're used to, we'll soon be facing internet adresses like .nyc / .bank / .auto/ .etc

ICANN expects to approve between 300 to 1000 new TLD, which will not only be generic but might also contain brands as well (here comes a .apple TLD!)
But, before you start thinking about creating your own TLD, just keep in mind you'll have to pay an $185k entry fee and $25k every year... Yep, it doesn't come cheap.

Some say this is just one more step to force brands into paying up to prevent having these new addresses taken over by cybersquatting and phishing sites...

To me, it seems its just the natural evolution of the internet. Just like most people today doesn't even think about phone numbers, relegating that task to out cellphones address book - you just know you want to call "John" or "Mary" - so to will the web eventually.

In fact, most people already rely on google or other search engines to find the site they're looking for (even though they could just as easily type the URL in the address bad). So, for them, it's completely indifferent if the website's URL will be .com or ".apple".

Sure, there will be a lot of friction - just imagine how many sites and programs validate URL and email addresses. Nearly all of them won't even allow you to use an email address like - but, change is never "easy"...

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